Song of Eowyn and Faramir

by Jaina Eowyn ©2002

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He wishes I had died
That Boromir had lived
Maybe I should just give
In to it all

But maybe there’s a last drop of hope
Waiting there for me
At the end of the rainbow
A drop I didn’t see

I wish I was born a man
Allowed to ride and lend a hand
To aid in this war

Why can’t I make him see
All that I am trying to be
I’d give anything
To ride at his side

I am a shieldmaiden
A shieldmaid of Rohan
A daughter of kings
Aiding in this War of the Rings!

Gandalf says I shouldn’t
Throw my life away
But I come this close
To doing that every day

But maybe this time will be
Different in some way
Maybe this time
I will hear him say

‘Faramir, my son
You have done well
In this war you’ve done
Very well, my son’

If only he would look deeper
Deeper into me
Maybe I could make him see
Something worthwhile in me

But until he looks
Deeper than outside
He will never know
Just who I am inside!

You can’t judge a book
Can’t judge it by it’s cover

If only he would look
Closer at me

And if he looked closer
I know I could make him see

Just who I am
And who I try to be