The Silmarillion Alphabet

by Casey Jepson ©2005

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Part II: Places

A is for Angband, the Hells of the north
B is Beleriand, where history comes forth
C is Cirith Thoronath, where Turin was saved
D is for Doriath, also called "Thousand Caves"
E is for Doriath's river Esgalduin
F is for the Falls of Sirion's ensuing
G is for Gondolin of which Melkor wouldst know
H is for Hithlum, land of "Mist Shadow"
I is for Ilmen, path of moon & sun
J is John Ronald Reuel, the great one
K is the Kingdom of Felagund's might
L is for Lórien's garden so bright
M is Melian's Girdle, made not from strings
N is for Númenor, land of the Kings
O is Ossiriand, land of great streams
P is for Pelóri, Valinor's outer seams
Q is for Quests of Fëanor's seven sons
R is the River Sirion, that wide runs
S is the Swanhaven, with ill blood annointed
T is for Thangorodrim, triple-pointed
U is for Udûn, from whence came Balrogs
V is for Valmar, the city of the Gods
W is the Walls of night, Arda's rim
X for Extreme cold of Ered Engrin
Y is for Years spent by Cuiviénen
Z is the letter at this poem's end
These are the places where tales are frought
May this geography lesson teach you a lot.