The Silmarillion Alphabet

by Casey Jepson ©2005

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Part I: People and Things

A is Amandil, friend of Elven-kind
B is for Beren, wouldn't leave her behind
C is for Círdan, of the Havens of ships
D is the Doom spoken from Mandos's lips
E is for Eärendil, half of each race
F is Fingolfin, battled Him face-to-face
G is for Gil-Galad, high king for a while
H is for Húrin, surrounded by guile
I is for Idirl, she of the hidden nation
J is the Jewels of Feanor's creation
K is for Khazâd, what Dwarves call themselves
L is for Lúthien, most fairest of Elves
M is for Morgoth, the baddest of bad
N is for Níniel, of tale most sad
O is for Oromë, huntsmen of beasts
P is Petty Dwarves, petty at the least
Q is the Quenta Silmarillion tale
R is the Return of the Noldor, by sail
S is the Siege of Angband, so great
T is Túrin Turambar, lost in fate
U is the Undying Lands in the West
V is the Valar who made it the best
W is for the White Tree of Númenor
X is the Exile of the Elves called Noldor
Y is Yavannah and her beautiful trees
And no alphabet last longer than Z's
These are the tales of the first several Ages
May they inspire you to turn the pages.