An Ode to Gamling

by Casey Jepson ©2004

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In the lucid plains of Calenardhon
In the waving fields of old Rohan
Where Maeras run hither & yon
And nimble stallions play

One redhead stands above the rest
With gilded plate upon his chest
It's Gamling that I love the best!
Of him I sing today

Old he has been called, and grim
Yet young he was in eyes and limb
Great praise we all sing unto him
And for his health we pray

A finer man Theoden ne'er had
Surviving battles grievous and sad
He outlived Haldir, and Haleth's dad
And Elves all mighty and gay

His beard is crisp as autumn's morne
To lord and land an oath was sworn
While blowing was Helm Hammerhand's horn
He promised this to say

That Wargs he'll stab, the orcs he'll slay
Southron's he'll hack, Uruks he'll fillet
Letting not the villains get away
For mighty Gamling saves the day

He will fight on without a rest
Great captain of the noble West
For Gamling is the very best!
And now I bid “gooddaye.”