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Fan Art

This is where we let the creativity of NorthWesternesse members and their love for the Lord of the Rings shine! If you have art, poetry, stories, or anything else creative that you'd like to contribute, please send it to the NorthWesternesse webmaster.



Thumbnail - Captain Richard Sharpe by Linda Teller
Thumbnail - Brooding Frodo by Linda Teller
Thumbnail - Eowyn, White Lady of Rohan by Amy Buckles
Thumbnail - Sam's Gift by Amy Buckles
Thumbnail - LOTR fanclub Sampler by Amy Buckles
Thumbnail - Rachel Wakes Up a Hobbit by Rachel Hosick
Thumbnail - Gollum by Casey Jepson
Thumbnail - Wormtongue by Casey Jepson
Thumbnail - Boating with Billy by Rachel Hosick
Thumbnail - Hobbit Studies by Rachel Hosick
Thumbnail - More Hobbit Studies by Rachel Hosick
Thumbnail - Gimli - Casey Jepson
Thumbnail - Ringwraith by Heather Swan
Thumbnail - Dominic by Heather Swan
Thumbnail - Merry and Pippin Pop Art by Debbie King
Thumbnail - Frodo and Sam by Heather Swan